Opportunities in our Youth Work

We want to encourage all the young people who join us to be the best person they can be. This may, for some, be learning and growing skills within our groups.

We have young volunteer slots for over 14s to help with our Upper Room Friday team. This is usually for D of E  awards but just volunteering is welcome too. This role includes helping set up and down the session, helping plan sessions and if volunteers feel comfortable taking lead on activities.

We also have Peer to Peer Sunday, the oppotuntiy to help out with planning and then running our Upper Room Sunday. This is a chance to explore how to plan a session as well as learn how to take the lead.

We have hosted work experience, for those interested in youth work or working within a church context.

All our groups are run with volunteers, most our volunteers are from within our church membership, but if you are interested in helping in any of our ministries catch up with Maki our minister or Fiona.

If there is anything you’d like to join in with, learn or discover more about please talk to Fiona. She is more than willing to share how something is done and give experience.

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