Albania Trip 2015

During 2015 we have been planning a trip to Albania to give out Christmas presents to children. You may have seen these kind of projects before, fill a shoebox with presents suitable for a child and then they get sent to countries with a need.

We have been box filling in the past and it is lovely to know you can give a present to a child who would probably not get anything. But with links we have in Albania it suddenly becomes a lot more personal.

We launched the WEBox project before the summer, it seems crazy to talk about Christmas before the summer has even started but we needed to get underway! HERE is our promotion of the project. And a further update HERE

We now have a team all ready and excited to go for a week to Albania just before Christmas including 6 of our own young people from Cairns!

HERE is a mini update of the shoe boxes finally being put into the van to go on its 1500 mile journey.

HERE is day one!

HERE is day two!

HERE is day three!

HERE is day four!

HERE is day five!

Here is promo video taken while we were away 

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