Albania Trip Video

Remember a group when to Albaina to give our Christmas boxes? 

Here’s the promo video! 



Upper Room News February 2016

Bellow is an email sent to parents this week about the current youth work provision at Cairns Road:

Good afternoon Parents and young people,

Over the last week I have been sharing news with the young people who have attended our groups here at Cairns Road Baptist Church. To bring everyone up to speed, please forgive the impersonal email.

Over the last year the Elders of the church have had the difficult task of discerning the right path regarding the churches finance. After many prayerful discussions it has been decided to reduce the youth work post at Cairns from full time to part-time.

It has been a difficult decision for me to take, but with the reduction of hours I have decided to take redundancy. I will be stepping down from the post at the end of March, so this term will be my last.

Over the last 4 and half years it has been a delight to work with wonderful teenagers from around the city, it has been an honour to get to know many of them well. A huge thank you for all the support you have given over the years.

It is important that I share the value Cairns has in the youth work, and the decision to reduce the youth worker’s role in hours was not a light one nor a reflection of the care and desire to encourage and support the young people who attend.

Over the next few months there is a team at Cairns who will be over seeing the development of the youth work including how to support what is currently being run. This term then is a term for asking questions, in our session times there will be opportunities for all who want to, to share what they’d like to see in the future in the youth work at Cairns especially qualities in a youth worker.

Look out for details about a farewell gathering on March 20th. For more details about the 20th click HERE.
Thank you once again