WEBox 2015 day five

Tonight is our last night but that doesn’t mean we stop! 

Today we set off to find a little more about the city I’ve been living in with a visit to a amphitheater  about a mile from us. The sun was lovely and it’s very easy to forget it is just a week until Christmas Day. 

We then walked down to the sea front, we’d managed to go nearly week without acknowledging that we were on the coast, so we took a few minutes to once again enjoy the sun on our faces while we walked. 

The boys in our group grabed a bargain on sunglasses! 

Once we’d had lunch we were then off to another town about an hour away to meet with two Brazilian men who are running a football mission. 

I have to see were totally overwhelmed by how many children were waiting for us as well as their eagerness to get a gift. But once again it was truly an honour to support the men working their as well as thei families. It can’t be an easy job! At the end of our time with them we prayed with them, for protection and wisdom.we retuned home for a chilled evening as we pack ready for our extra long day tomorrow!  



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