WEBox 2015 Day four. 

Wow! Day four! I have to admit this blog post is being written in bed. These are long but rewarding days. 

Today we were up and out by 9:15 to load up the cars once again with more fabulous Christmas boxes, food parcels and then ourselves to set off to meet more lovely Albanian children and families.

  Before we got into the city we went up a mountain! Well, it was an easy group activity, piling into cable cars to get to the highest point of the capital. Here we had the treat of a hot chocolate so thick it was like custard. We then looked over the whole city and prayed for city as a whole, the churches and the government and people of the city.




After a fun ride back down the city. [The fun was the young people creating a new version of songs in their own style!] We spilt into two teams again and armed with 100 boxes each we went to meet two churches. 

 The church we joined was hosting their children’s meeting. Easily 50 child in a small room all keen to meeting with each other and us. We sang songs, shared our stories and listened to their own. We then gave out our boxes. It’s a little crazy, you want to do your best, give out the right boxes to the right age and sex but you are also aware time isn’t on your side when you have over 75 pairs of eyes looking at you. All the gifts are greatly received, even when you don’t speak each other’s language you can still make a smile mean more than a friendly face. 

I was expecting to dash off and meet the rest of the team once all the boxes had been given but we were in for a treat. We got to hang out with the teens of the church, they were sharing their songs and raps they’d made, encouraging us to join them. (We dug out our memories of the song Shackles to sing as well our more rehearsed lighthouse song).  

It was great to see the group laughing, chatting and hanging out in a safe place as well as sharing their stories and faith with us. 

Once we’d said our goodbyes we were off for a relaxing evening at a restaurant, filling out hungry tums with pizza and pasta and our minds with giggles, games and more laughter. 

And now we are back ‘home’ resting up for our full day tomorrow! 


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