WEBox 2015 Day two 

So yesterday was packed full! 

The morning saw us check and sort out all our Christmas show boxes ready for easy pick up for the rest of the week. We made a boy pile and girl pile and could see while there is a few less boy boxes there wasn’t as big gap as we first thought. 



Once complete we got back to where we are staying to have a pizza, or two. 25 in fact! The different in cost here in Albania from the UK means eating together is a lot easier. 

With lunch out of the way we split into three teams, piled into cars and picked up a local mini bus driver all headed to the capital Tirana and to meet three different churches. 

 There was a little problem of directions and missing phones which lead to a little more waiting than necessary so we sadly missed out on one church. 

Some of the team then went to hand out food parcels and really enjoyed the children’s singing. The other team then went to a church meeting with teens and ladies. 

There is quite a lot of thinking on the spot while we are here as well as a need to be willing to do thing out of our comfort zones. I’m sure we will get braver at the week goes on! 

In the evening we went to a fish restaurant, it was great to sit as a team and have fun chatting and eating together. 


 We’ve had a great day and look forward tomorrow, we are learning fast that planning isn’t that easy and taking things as they come is better. 


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