WEBox 2015 day three 

Day three is already done! We can’t believe the time is going so fast. Each day seems to be spilt into two, which makes us feel like we’ve had four full days in Albania rather than just two. Today’s plans started with us thinking about how to help host a church service in the capital city in the afternoon. However this changed fast when we realised that the service was at 6pm and to wait all day wasn’t a good use of time so we jumped into the cars and left with a boot full of shoebox presents. 

This was the first time we got to give out the boxes. The houses and flats of the families are very tired looking but the children had smiles for us. 

The connection to this area was a local missionary pastor who has been getting to know the local children and families by teaching football. So we went to their homes and asked if they had children and if we could give them a gift. 

We were nervous, we wanted to share happiness but didn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. We soon learnt that the mums we met loved being able to give gifts to their children and the children we met and saw opening their boxes were full of smiles and and gasps of joy looking through what they’d revived. 

One of the things I noticed was how fast the sweets and chocolate went, nearly every child we saw open their box we saw later with chocolates in their hand. Children across the world have the same priorities it seem!  

Once more we piled into the cars and had a break eating lovely ice cream at a bargain price of 50p for three scoops! 

Our last journey was to the church where we were going to help host the service. This was where we were going to have to be a little brave and get up the front. The youth team were amazing, stepping up to act out the parable of the shower and the sung ‘My Lighthouse’ with much enthusiasm! 

We’ve made it home and settling down to share the 10kilos of BBQ meat we’ve ordered! 


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